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Thank you for your interest in Jamillah Skin, Mind & Body – where we offer a luxury experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry.  This skin, mind, and body therapy service offers unique treatments that are tailored to enhance your beauty, lighten your mood, and improve your health. It’s provided by - Faye Garwood (a loving and health-conscious person with over twenty years experience in the aesthetics industry).

The Background

Jamillah began as an idea that was nourished by Faye Garwood – a professional beauty therapist with profound knowledge in body and mind therapies (including VTCT level 4 certifications in advanced beauty therapy as well as in education and training) and a fully qualified aesthetics technician. Being an imaginative person who has always fancied the concept of holistic treatments, she decided to nurture her interests by establishing Jamillah for everyone who wants to build a positive body image particularly the women.

Having battled with physical illness, domestic abuse, depression, anxiety and OCD, Faye knows what it feels like to be in a troubled state and it’s her utmost desire to help people become their best versions while living their lives purposefully. Indeed, it’s essential that you attend to your physical, mental and spiritual needs and that’s why Faye is here for you as she intends to offer you not just an appointment but a remarkable experience. 

She’s always inspired by a healthy lifestyle and she’s willing to make the world a better place with her understanding of the skin, mind and body therapy. She also strongly believes in self-love and personal development, an experienced angel worker, reiki master, beauty therapist, skin specialist, masseuse, plasma fibroblast technician, dermal fillers technician, T Shape technician, life coach, and teacher amongst others.


Our Goal

Jamillah’s mission is to help you feel loved while showing commitment to your health goals.


Our Promise

Jamillah promises to help you achieve your dreams by providing holistic treatments that could make you become physically, mentally and emotionally whole.


Our Services

Jamillah is accessible online and our diverse treatments in Greenwich, South East London and the surrounding areas are high-end in performance. Some of our notable treatments include body sculpting, reiki with full body massage, hydrating and inch loss body wraps, hammam treatment, spray tanning, and hot stone treatments.  Jamillah also provides back facials, plasma fibroblast treatments, sports massage, Kansa wand massage, gua sha body massage and other forms of special therapies.


What makes Jamillah Different?

  • Your skin care matters, and that's why we’ve got custom approaches and premium skincare products for every skin tone. 

  • Our treatments are affordable and you also stand a chance to enjoy mouth-watering discounts.

  • We guarantee your absolute satisfaction and you can also access our services from outside South East London.

   At Jamillah, we’re all about your beauty and health. Get a free consultation now!