1 Treatment 30 mins - £70

Course of 4 - £250


Constitutionally fragile, the skin of the eye contour area is subject to continuous stress and more subtle. even the eyelids perform intensive workouts, beating about 10 thousand times throughout the day, which strains collagen fibres. If we add wrong habits and postures to these natural factors, such as squinting or sleeping with our face sunk in the pillow and poor eating habits, it is easy to see that the eye contour skin must be protected and treated in a targeted and specific way for a healthy and well-groomed appearance.


Iridium is the programme specifically formulated to fight skin ageing and treat all eye contour blemishes in a targeted and effective manner.

Moisturizes & Promotes hydration and counteracts dryness due to the reduction of sebaceous secretions in this area, which causes undesired “crow’s feet” effect

Restructures the texture of the periocular area, which immediately appears toned and devoid of wrinkles

Anti Pollution Relies on specific anti-pollution filters to countervail the skin aging process triggered by polluting electro-magnetic radiation.

Lifting Effect Lifts eyebrows, improving muscle tone and promoting skin elasticity

Fights photoaging that causes pigmentation changes and thins out the delicate skin around the eyes

Drains Promoteslymphatic drainage with a clear anti- swelling action, to yield a relaxed and de-puffed skin


Iridium Eyes Pressotherapy is an innovative, effective and versatile device, essential for maximizing the results of the professional protocol.

● Intelligent massage that promotes drainage of fluids from eye bags and relieves muscle tension in the forehead and eye contour area.

● Ideal heating that promotes the penetration of cosmetics, improves blood circulation in eye contour area, provides relief to dry eyes and reduces stress.

● Vibrating massage for the beneficial gymnastics of the muscles around the eyes, reducing the sense of fatigue, ideal at the end of the day.

● Stimulation of acupuncture points especially in the temple area: muscles relax and tensions decrease, with a beneficial sensation of relaxation and rest. restful sleep.

● Meditation music to create an atmosphere of quiet and tranquillity

 We recommend 3 treatments one week apart followed by a monthly maintenance treatment At home products are available to order