This pandemic is awful it’s taking lives, ruining the economy and separating us from our loved ones.

But while we are all just waiting for things to ‘go back to normal’ I’m wondering do I want to go back to ‘normal?’

I realise looking back on my life before lockdown there is lots I do not miss, the struggle of meeting deadlines, working stupid hours and feeling a failure if i do not reach the constant targets I was setting myself.

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with anxiety and ocd, as a single mum of a child struggling with his own mental health I have realised that I spent very little of my life being present in the moment, my mind always on the next thing I should be doing or achieving.

So I wonder Do we really need to live life at such a fast pace? What can we change in our lives to be more happy?

If this pandemic has given us anything it’s time, time to find out who we really are, what we really want and where we should be focusing our energy.

But how do we put these changes into our everyday lives and stop ourselves slipping back into bad habits once normal life commences? here a few things I’m definitely going to be trying!

Have fun! - We just don’t have enough of it! Do things that bring you joy spend time with people that make you laugh the world is a better place when we are laughing!

Keep connected- we are all missing someone at the moment remember this when we go back to our normal busy lives and keep in touch with your friends and family

Don’t stress the smaller things - there are enough big things to worry about about in life,ask yourself “will this matter in a years time” 9/10 it won’t! Broken stuff can be replaced or being late won’t kill anyone, let shit go!

Take action - if something big shows up deal with it the best you can rather than ignore it, that big gas bill you can’t pay this month won’t go away, make a call and explain and come up with a solution rather than ignore it and let it give you sleepless nights.

Positive affirmations - a great way to change your mindset, tell yourself something enough and you will believe it, instead of telling yourself I’m not good enough look in the mirror every morning and say I am enough, I can achieve anything!

Be proud of even the small achievements - we find it so hard to praise ourselves don’t we? we will always have days we achieve less than others but there is always something to be proud of, it can be as simple as “I’m proud I got my child to school on time” or “I felt so low I struggled to get out of bed but I did it”

Indulge yourself - it’s ok to spend time or money on yourself, half an hour to yourself to soak in the bath or do something you love, treat yourself to a new dress or have time away from being mum, happy parent = happy kids and you deserve it!

Get out in nature - getting outside reduces stress and makes us feel better not only emotionally but physically by reducing heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormone production and muscle tension!

Acts of kindness -kind people actually age slower! Acts of kindness releases hormones that help improve mood and general well being and how great is that feeling when you know you have made someone else happy!

Show gratitude- showing gratitude raises our vibration, before you sleep look at your day and gives thanks for the good, the food you had, a warm place to sleep, new customers to your business, your health, opportunities to grow there is always something.

Smile! Smiling is infectious try spending the day giving everyone you meet your best smile, not only will you make their day you will feel happier to!

practice healthy living - good food, sleep, exercise, meditation will help our mental well being.

Accept things are not perfect - we cannot change some of the things life throws at us or how people treat us but what we can do is change how we react, shit happens, choose to learn and grow from the experience rather than let it destroy us.

It’s ok to say no - I find this one hard! I’m a people pleaser but learning to say no sometimes has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders and iv learned friends won’t hate you if you say no and put your own needs first once in a while!

Let go of unhealthy relationships - not everyone you meet is meant to be in your life forever and if a relationship of any kind isn’t serving you it’s ok to let it go, you don’t have to hate the person or wish them harm sometimes we simply out grow a relationship.

Clear your clutter - as a sufferer of ocd this is a must for me I cannot function happily in clutter, de cluttering your living space helps you be more in control of your life, helps with our overall health and happiness, helps us become more productive and saves us a huge amount of time!

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