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Holistic Treatments Self Love and Empowerment

Hi all I hope you are all coping well and keeping safe, these are very trying and uncertain times for as all not knowing where this will end how much money we will have coming in, will we have jobs or businesses to go back to when this is over and not even knowing if we will be able to get food to feed our families.

The best we can do is stick together, show kindness for our fellow humans and try to keep a positive mindset, life is very different right now and many of us are out of our comfort zones and are not enjoying it but what if we can turn this into a positive? Did you know Being out of our comfort zone is where the magic happens! Let’s use this time to over come fears, learn something new, practice a little self love or take some steps towards one of our dreams!

So here’s what I’ve been doing in between trying to get Danny to do school work, tidy up after him constantly and try to keep the boy fed and full!

Some of you will know I am a life coach, iv supported women living with domestic abuse and I am qualified in CBT and NPL therapies. my dream would be to add my coaching skills to my business and run workshops for women in empowerment but I have never felt confident or good enough another dream was to start blogging so today this is me taking a massive, scary leap into my future! I want to share with you some ideas of how you can make use of the time we have right now in a positive, productive way so here goes!…….

Get up early it’s very easy to slip into the habit of late nights and long lay ins, give yourself some time before the kids get up to get some jobs done, get yourself ready or even better do something for you! meditate, do some affirmations or set your intentions for the day (I will talk about this a little later)

Get dressed, sounds simple but it really is effective sitting about in your bleached stained nighty isn’t going to make you feel good or empowered! now I’m not talking your best dress or trouser suit here just something that separates night from day, put a bit of lippy on, paint your nails and show up as the powerful goddess you are!

Write a list, this is my favourite every night before I go to bed I write mine, make it doable and it doesn’t have to be huge achievements clean the oven or organise your sock draw will do it’s amazing how good you will feel when you have ticked off everything on your list by the end of the day, list writing can also bring structure and calm to your day instead of running round like a headless chicken only to realise the kids have no clean pants or there is nothing I’m for dinner!

Start your morning with affirmations and/or meditation and end your day with gratitude, affirmations can help you overcome negative mindsets and have been successful in helping people with with depression and other mental health conditions here are some to get you started make sure they are relevant to you.

Before you go to sleep say what you are grateful for there is always something even if we don’t feel like it! Something like Thank you for the beautiful sunshine, for being able to eat good food or the roof over your head it really is a game changer for you mood.

Keep a routine it sounds boring but really does help and it doesn’t have to be exactly the same day in or day out it just has to work for you, this link will tell you more about the benefits of routine.

Meditate, I’m not talking hours of sitting crossed legged on the floor chanting! 10 quite minutes to yourself to just quite the mind is good enough to start, there are many guided meditations on you tube experiment and find what works for you, meditation has many benefits including reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self awareness and generates kindness.

De clutter, tidy house tidy mind I for one cannot function in chaos. Clutter can create family stress. You might argue about mess with your spouse, or find yourself snapping at your children if you’ve spent 10 minutes looking for something and are now running late. Decluttering can reduce anxiety and stress. Imagine waking up in a smelly dark room with cups and dirty washing everywhere and you can’t find anything or waking up in a clean organised room where you know where everything is there’s no contest is there!

Learn! Read, write, learn a new skill, at the moment there are hundreds of free on line course lean a language, to cook, draw/paint, take photos, sew, something that will help your job or career or decorate there are endless possibilities!

Exercise, this can be done anywhere at anytime! find what works for you, exercise reduces stress, helps you lose weight, helps you focus as well as many health benefits

Last but not least spend quality time with your loved ones playing games, talking, cuddling, connect with people with calls, FaceTime or text or even write a letter and just have fun!

Please all take care of yourselves and stay safe if any of you a struggling I’m a phone call or email away.

Much love Faye 💜

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