Consultation free

1/2 Hour Session £70

 Course of 6 Per Area of The Body £390

Course of 6 on The Face £195

A non invasive, safe and comfortable treatment combines 3 technologies, radio frequency, low level laser and vacuum assisted technologies which in a few sessions can contour the body, improve skin elasticity, lifts the face, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite and reduces body circumference with no downtime.

Visible results from the very first treatment.

RADIOFREQUENCY T-Shape generates a multipolar radiofrequency signal that generates heat when in contact with tissue impedance. When correctly warmed, the dermis produces new collagen, resulting in skin that appears firmer, more compact and younger.

ENDODERMIC MASSAGE T-Shape boasts vacuum-assisted technology, associated with various dynamic impulses. The vacuum raises, folds and compresses the skin to increase local blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage. This facilitates fibroblast activity and vasodilatation, in addition to spreading oxygen, with precise energy distribution.

LASER LLLT The LLT Laser radiates fat tissue and helps to form transient micropores in adipocytes and to accelerate the fragmentation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids, which then exit the cell, leading to reduced cell volume. The lipids that leak out are then disposed of through normal metabolic pathways. Effectively reduces body circumference and edema

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