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90 mins Session £150

When used with a course of T Shape Treatment £100

Wrapping T-Shock 31 from Centro Messegue (Italy)

The T-SHOCK 31 wrap is the shortest path to a slender, tight body. The results have never been so noticeable!

The problem with excess centimeters around the waist and hips appears gradually but we notice it dramatically when we realize that we can no longer button our favorite dress and get into old jeans. Someone is upset because of the changes and decides to change the wardrobe. But this is not the only solution?

The advantages of T-Shock 31 in the struggle for an ideal body: Painless.

We are used to the fact that losing weight is associated with pain or discomfort.

In this case, everything is Different

Reviews confirm that the wrapping of T-Shock is a relaxing and pleasant procedure.

Efficiency: Body volumes are thawed during the procedure. If the effect of wrapping is supported by proper nutrition and sufficient level of physical activity, the results will not only be preserved but also improved. Wellness Effect: Tear Shroud T-Shock 31 has a powerful therapeutic effect, activates the processes of natural cleansing of the body, improves its metabolism, normalizes water-salt metabolism, etc. Improves the general well-being and work of various body systems.

Beneficial effect on the skin: When losing weight, it is very important to carefully care for the skin, so that the reduction in volume is not accompanied by a deterioration in the appearance of the skin. Wrapping T-Shock 31 moisturizes and nourishes the skin, improves tone, increases elasticity.

What is the uniqueness of the T-Shock 31 shroud? T-Shock 31 is a therapeutic and cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing body volume, fighting cellulite, eliminating puffiness and improving the general condition of the skin. This effect can be achieved due to the action of a complex of 31 medicinal plants (hence the name). A unique recipe is developed in the laboratories of the Italian company Centro Messegue and is embodied in gels and salt T-Shock 31. As part of the tools that are used in the bandage wrap, you can find extracts of sage, horsetail, mimosa tree bark, horse chestnut, burdock root, pineapple, grapes, hops, yarrow, blueberry, cornflower, ginseng and other plants. Phytocomplex and thermogenic exposure together lead to neutralization of toxins and their subsequent removal through the pores of the skin due to stimulation of sweating processes. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the burden on the kidneys, which are responsible for removing excess fluid from the body.

What are the main differences and features of T-Shock 31 shroud?

* The main secret of the effectiveness of T-Shock is the complex effect on the body of the remedies with a unique composition of 31 medicinal plants. Thanks to these active plant components, the procedure has a draining effect, has a pronounced detox effect, diaphoretic effect, and lipometric action (splitting of fat cells).

* An important advantage is the ability to objectively evaluate the result. Before the beginning of each procedure T-Shock 31 and after its termination the expert makes measurements on certain points. Comparing the indicators, the client can see for himself how much the volumes have decreased. Moreover, reviews about the T-Shock 31 wrapping show that most customers visually notice this effect even without any figures.

* Not only a decrease in volume and puffiness, but also an improvement in the quality of the skin is observed after the procedure. But the elastic and smooth skin is more than a pleasant bonus! The procedure of bandage anti-cellulite wrap is not only not painful, but also relaxing, and pleasant. Wraps T-Shock 31 is an opportunity to relax, relieve stress, rest, while healing and transforming your body. Guaranteed results of the T-SHOCK 31:

* Noticeable decrease in body volume;

* Increased turgor and elasticity of the skin;

* Stabilization of water-salt metabolism in tissues;

* Improvement of metabolism in skin cells;

* Moisturizing and nourishing the skin;

* Stimulation of the lymphatic system;

* Provides anti-edematous, detoxifying, diaphoretic, anti-cellulite, tonic, diuretic, firming, lipolytic and thermogenic effects.


The procedure T-SHOCK 31 (Tishok 31) is an exquisite phytophital, revealing all the useful properties of phytoextracts for beauty and perfection of the body. Wrapping T-Shock 31 is recommended to apply as a course, and one-time. Single procedures will help you, for example, in the case when excess fluid accumulated in the body, there were swelling creating a feeling of discomfort, interfering with feeling well and disrupting the proportions of the figure.

As preparation for an important exit (meeting). It is executed on the day of the event or 1 day before the event. Duration and stability of the effect is achieved by the course procedure, which is conducted 4-6, up to 8 procedures, 1-2 times a week in combination with the hardware methods Endospheres Therapy, Pressotherapy, manual massages and mesotherapy of the body (lipolytic cocktail)

After the course, you will find a persistent decrease in volume, normalization of water-salt metabolism and the functioning of the lymphatic system, slowing down the aging process, improving tissue regeneration and improving skin elasticity.

The T-SHOCK procedure can be used at any time of the year.

Contraindications for T-Shock procedure 31:

T-Shock 31 has no special contraindications. However, there are those that are typical for any types of wraps: * Pregnancy, * Gynecological diseases, * Cardiovascular diseases, * Severe course of diabetes and hypertension, * Pronounced varicose veins, * Thrombophlebitis, * Trophic ulcers, * Oncological diseases, * Scrapes, cuts, wounds and sores on the skin

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